Indonesia is an archipelago nation that comprises some 19,000 islands. Volcanic, tropical, and mountainous, Indonesia is located near the equator and is home to the world’s fourth largest population after China, India, and the U.S. Indonesia is home to one of the world’s largest emerging economies, which will soon be recognized in the same group as BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, and China). U.S. – Indonesian relations are augmenting as we speak. The Peace Corps’ reinstatement of Indonesia its countries of service contributes to U.S./Indonesia efforts to strengthen their foreign relations.

Indonesia’s History with the Peace Corps:

Peace Corps/Indonesia was established in 1963 but only remained open for two years. Peace Corps stopped sending Volunteers to Indonesia in 1965 because of security purposes regarding “volunteers’ safety.” It was during this time that Indonesia’s central government shifted its favor closer to the Indonesian Communist Party . Peace Corps Indonesia was re-opened in 2010 as a means of U.S. interest in strengthening diplomacy with Indonesia.

When volunteers were sent to Indonesia in the 60s, they were  requested to work as physical education instructors. Now, Indonesian partners working with the Peace Corps currently request only English instructors to serve. All current Peace Corps Volunteers in Indonesia work as English instructors in schools under the direction of two government ministries: the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

Learn more about Indonesia

Learn more about the Peace Corps here


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